(Near) Real Time Smart Metering test successful: large scale pilot rollout planned


Eandis, the largest grid company in Flanders (Belgium) operating for seven Distribution System Operators (DSO’s), will be presenting the final results of its ‘Proof-of-Concept’ field trial at the Metering/Billing CRM conference in Amsterdam. During the presentation, the future plans for a next phase larger scale ‘pilot’ roll out with meters and systems adapted to its unique high performance PLC will be uncovered.

Proof of Concept (PoC) results

Eandis’ patented PLC-technology concept improves data communication over low voltage networks: 97 % of all meters are correctly read out every hour, which is probably ‘best of class’ in Cenelec Band A powerline. Further improvements, mainly in the soft- and firmware which controls and optimises access to the PLC-network, are expected to even further improve this already impressive result.

Pilot test plan

Following the very successful conclusion of the PoC, Eandis started the next phase in its smart meter trajectory: a roll out of about 10 times more smart meters to about  25 000 LV-customers using specially designed smart communication modules (SCM’s) adapted to the now proven concept. Preparations are well under way and all vendors are selected.

For more information on the Eandis technology and the final results of the proof of concept, please attend the presentation by Patrick Devos, Program Manager Smart Metering, on October 5th from 11h20 to 11h40 (Session 7).

For more information, please contact the Eandis Smart Metering team via e-mail: smartmetering@eandis.be