Neptune E4000 Electronic Register


The Electronic register that’s making waves in tank truck metering.

The Neptune E4000 Electronic Register offers the ability to modernize truck metering operations today and provides a platform for data collection technology tomorrow.

Description:  The Neptune E4000 electronic register system automates transaction operations for deliveries of LPG, distillate fuels, and other commercially distributed liquids through flow meters on bulk delivery trucks.

Smarter Today?

  • Easy to use, menu driven display
  • Start with Simple Pump and Print (imitate your mechanical register)
  • Electronic Temperature compensation (accurate, rapid responses)
  • Standalone Pricing (print invoices directly from the truck)
  • Ten products, ten prices
  • Configure register from laptop computer

Smarter Tomorrow?

  • Add data collection devices (hand held, laptop, wireless) without the need for additional register hardware.
  • No requirement for early commitment to proprietary technology
  • Interface with popular industry office software packages.
Neptune E4000