New company to provide metering, billing solutions in Colombia

A new company, Falcon International, has been launched in Bogotá, Colombia to provide metering and vending solutions across that country. Bringing together proven off-the-shelf technologies from leading service providers globally, Falcon International’s aim is to provide an integrated solution that is tailored for the Colombian and Latin American markets.

The initial focus is on setting up the vending infrastructure, with the aim being to utilise the large number of small businesses that line the streets of Bogotá and the country’s other cities to set up in excess of 200,000 vending outlets across Colombia that will sell products including prepaid cellular time and later prepaid electricity and other commodities.

In partnership with Net1 of South Africa, which through its EasyPay subsidiary owns the EasyPay switching and payment system, a ‘virtual top up’ (VTU) solution that allows prepaid purchases or payments via a mobile handset is currently being implemented, and discussions are underway with a major meter manufacturer to provide pre- and post-pay meter systems.

The directors of Falcon International include AMR expert Howard Scott, managing partner of Cognyst Consulting and author of The Scott Report series, the formerly New Zealand-based energy consultant Charles Morris, and Colombian engineer and technologist Carlos Martinez. The Utilities Division of Falcon International is headed by Cesar Augusto Piñeros.