New range of water meters


Elster Metering has introduced the C4000 range of compact, in-line combination cold water meters, designed to solve the problems of maximising revenue collection in situations with large variations in flow rate. Able to deliver accurate bulk flow metering, the C4000 combines a standard Woltmann-type bulk flow meter with precision volumetric metering for lower flow rates.

The H4000 Woltmann-type metering chamber provides metering approved to Class B standards for the high to medium flow rates, while a secondary V220 precision volumetric meter measures the lower flows in accordance with Class D requirements. Maintenance is simplified, thanks to a single ‘drop-in’ insert containing both primary and secondary metering modules.

The C4000 combination is available in three sizes from 50 mm to 100 mm diameter, accommodating flow rates of up to 250 m3 per hour. A choice of opto-electronic or reed switch pulse units is available, which can be fitted retrospectively without disturbing the meter’s calibration seal or the water supply.