New, single-use, plastic padlock seals feature


Security professionals responsible for the prevention, deterrence and detection of theft are now able to narrow the difference between the expense of a steel padlock and the economy of a tamper-indicative, plastic seal.  The E.J. Brooks Company’s High-Security Padlock Seal combines the user-friendly, one-time-use features of its plastic padlock seal products with the level of security provided by a more substantial metal locking device.

High Security Padlock Seals are made of a corrosion and impact-resistant, acrylic plastic material.  They feature a 1/8” thick, plated, steel hasp and a colored plastic insert, which is encased in a clear, outer casing.  Bar coding, company logo or other identifying information is applied onto an insert label prior to its encasement.  This facilitates the reading, identification and verification of that information, while protecting it from tampering and the harmful effects of the environment.  High Security Padlock Seals can only be removed by using a small bolt removal tool.  Optional features include a fixed length cable or a longer steel hasp.

E.J. Brooks Company is an international supplier of security seals and locking devices to the transportation, retail, banking and utility industries.  For additional information about the company’s High Security Padlock Seals and its other products, contact: E.J. Brooks Company, 8 Microlab Road, Livingston, NJ 07039, Tel: 973-597-2900, Fax: 973-597-2919, e-mail  The company’s web site address is