New split-core flexible Rogowski coil for energy metering and automation

Coil split

A new split-core flexible Rogowski coil has been launched by J&D Electronics for advanced techniques for customers in the high power and energy industries. The J&D’s flexible Rogowski coil CT has been designed for precise non-intrusive measurement of high current, pulsed DC or distorted waveforms.

This flexible Rogowski coil CT could be used to measure high current over a wide dynamic range and from 40Hz to 5kHz.

  • Transformer Length: 30cm~180cm
  • Useful Current Range: 1A~20000A
  • Output Signal: 110mV/1000A @ 50Hz
  • Phase Shift: <1O @ 50Hz
  • Linearity: ± 0.2%

The J&D’s Split-core Flexible Rogowski Coil current transducer is designed for energy management with a convenient connection to power consumption sub-meters. Also, the user could apply it for high current measuring in the process regulation by distributed PLCs or remote controls like SCADA software for automation & supervision.

Split-core flexible Rogowski Coil Current Transducer
This Split-core Flexible Rogowski Coil current transducer could be used for security and condition monitoring, for load monitoring, for protection systems and predictive maintenance of conveyers, pumps or HVAC motors. The installation doesn’t require any disconnection of power lines in the measuring circuit.

  • Transducer Length: 30cm~180cm
  • Useful Current Range: 250A~50000A
  • Rated Output (Full Scale FS):0-5Vdc, 4-20mA or 333mVac
  • Supply Voltage: 12Vdc ~ 48Vdc, 100mA Max.
  • Accuracy: <1.5%