Next-generation metering technologies for Central American & Caribbean utilities


New metering technologies have demonstrated that losses may be reduced down to less than ten percent from the more than 20 percent that has been typical across the Central American and Caribbean region for the past several years. While such high investment projects may be difficult to justify, particularly for public utilities, it is essential that companies move to reviewing these technologies, considering their levels of return.

The Metering Central America & Caribbean conference and exhibition taking place in Bogotá, Colombia, from April 28-30, 2008 will provide the platform to review metering and customer management strategies in the region within the context of next generation metering technologies.

Your metering and customer management functions are critical to the success of your utility.

  • What are other utilities in Central America and the Caribbean doing to ensure their metering and customer management initiatives are aligned with their business goals?
  • How have they built the business case for securing resources and finances for their project roll-outs?
  • What new metering and billing products and services are available to satisfy customers, conserve energy and save costs?

Metering Central America & Caribbean’s focused training, networking and discussion forum will demonstrate how electricity, water and gas utilities can reduce losses, increase customer satisfaction, be more efficient and offer cost effective services through improved revenue management, customer service, billing, energy management and modern technology choices.

10 reasons why you can not afford not to participate in this must-attend event for the utilities metering, billing and CRM industry:

  1. Discuss the new regulatory frameworks about the reduction of energy losses
  2. Learn how non-technical losses CAN be reduced with technology
  3. Discover the new standards shaping the metering industry in the region
  4. Explore the synergies between prepayment and AMI
  5. Hear the direction AMI is taking in the region
  6. Get return on investments from the solutions and technologies presented
  7. Gain insight into how AMI can play a key role in energy losses management, predictive maintenance, outage management and improved operational efficiency
  8. Discover the value of the metering data and how it can be leveraged
  9. Hear about the strategies to improve customer service
  10. Get answers from the industry’s principal manufacturers

In 2007 over 280 industry experts attended Metering Central America and Caribbean. Make sure you are one of them in 2008!

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