NOW AVAILABLE! 7th Scott Report: International Deployments of Automated Metering Devices


Smart Energy International and Cognyst Advisers have announced the release of the 7th Scott Report:  International Deployments of Automated Metering Devices.   The only report which details independent, unbiased analysis of activities in the Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), prepayment and sub metering industries worldwide, the 7th edition contains updated information on deployments up to 1 January 2008.

“The current information shows worldwide deployments through 2007 of over 179 million Automated Metering units. Deployments are expected to remain strong worldwide in 2008. AMR and prepayment deployments are growing rapidly, so the long-term trend is strongly positive,” says Howard Scott, author of the report.

Published in June 2008, this is the most up-to-date information available on sales and installations, with information provided by manufacturers in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia.  

Scott continues "This is a unique resource to help utility staff, equipment vendors and manufacturers, financial analysts and consultants understand what’s happening in the AMR industry.  It allows them to track activity in various industry segments and locations.”

It is possible to identify all vendors that provide AMR products and to understand the areas that they serve.  This is especially useful for utilities that want to make an AMR decision and don’t know where to look for unbiased information.”

Worldwide, Cellnet is in the third position for overall shipments (after Echelon and the new Itron), with 13.7 million units. North American dominance of the Automated Metering industry is gradually changing as Chinese and European companies increase shipments. Even more exciting is the emergence of large prepayment projects that are beginning to appear in Africa and South America.  

Though most shipments annually are historically within North America, that statistic gradually changed in 2006. There are already at least 122 Automated Metering projects in China, and other activity is evident throughout Asia. 721 Automated Metering projects have been identified in Europe, and the number of active vendors is rapidly climbing. Also, several companies are showing technical innovation in Israel, South Africa and in the Australia/New Zealand marketplace.

Contents of the report include:

  • Communication technologies used by each vendor
  • Vendor contacts
  • Shipments to each country
  • Shipments by each vendor
  • Shipments for each type of communication
  • Communication types in each country outside North America
  • Shipments by vendor for each type of communication
  • Countries where each vendor has shipments
  • Vendor project size experience

"Any organization that wants to make an AMR purchase or learn about the AMR industry will find this report to be a valuable addition to its library," said Claire Volkwyn from Spintelligent, publishers of Smart Energy International, who, along with Scott collected and analyzed the data in the report.

For more information on this and other reports available through Smart Energy International, visit or contact Claire Volkwyn: