Obituary: Ed Malemezian


Ed Malemezian 
We regret to report that Ed Malemezian passed away suddenly on October 12.

Ed was president and principal of Ed Malemezian Consulting, a consulting company providing meter consulting services to those needing customer focused, practical solutions to the metering problems facing utilities, equipment suppliers and system developers.

Ed brought more than 30 years of metering experience covering all facets of the subject, from field metering to meter shop, meter laboratory/standardization and meter engineering, to the consulting discipline, which he established following his retirement in 2000 from, the unregulated energy data management business of Florida Power & Light. At EDMpro, Ed served as the manager of data collection and directed a staff responsible for the metering and load profile data activities of EDMpro customers. Prior to joining, Ed had directed meter engineering at FPL, where he was responsible for metering standards, specifications, policies, evaluations, and development of related systems, required by FPL to meter approximately $6 billion in annual revenue.

Prior to his involvement in metering, Ed worked a number of assignments in power delivery (substation and protective relaying) and transmission and dstribution (overhead, underground, transmission, and engineering). This experience included both FPL staff and operations assignments.

Among Ed’s other activities he played an active role and made significant contributions to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) working committees, resulting in a number of revolutionary changes in several of the most recent publications of the ANSI C12 family of meter standards.

Ed was also a regular and enthusiastic contributor at conferences and to various publications. He attended the first Metering America event in Curaçao in 2000 and was present at all the events in the series subsequently, also playing a key role on the conference committees, and he penned several articles in Smart Energy International magazine.

Over the last year or so Ed was much interested in the application of AMI in areas such as theft detection, revenue protection and outage management.

Smart Energy International is privileged to have benefited from Ed’s expertise and wisdom, and on behalf of the broader metering community sends condolences to his wife Diane and other members of his family.