One week left to register for Metering Central America & Caribbean!


Metering Central America & Caribbean will take place in Bogotá, Colombia, from 28 – 30 April 2008. Join us to review and strategize on next-generation metering technologies for utilities in the region.

Come and discuss how to reduce non-technical losses, increase customer satisfaction, be more efficient with business processes and offer cost-effective services thanks to improved:

  • revenue management
  • customer service
  • billing
  • energy management
  • modern technology choices

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Why should you attend?
Network and learn with your peers: executives from across Central America and the Caribbean will be there to share best practices and do business. YOU should too!

This event is the PREMIER annual meeting place for the Central American and Caribbean metering industry. Please make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Register now to guarantee your place! There is only one week to go!

Who’s speaking and what’s being discussed?
Hear from top-tier speakers from the following progressive utilities:

  • Adinelsa, Peru
  • Codensa, Colombia
  • Johannesburg Water, South Africa
  • Empresas Públicas de Medellín, Colombia
  • JASEC, Costa Rica
  • Edenor, Argentina
  • EMCALI, Colombia
  • Empresa Eléctrica de Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
  • PREPA, Puerto Rico
  • EAAB, Colombia
  • ENEE, Honduras
  • CELPE, Brazil
  • Aguas de Manizales, Colombia
  • Edesur, Dominican Republic 

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Who you will meet? 
Some of the companies who have pre-registered include:

Aclara, USA; Actaris, Brazil; Adinelsa, Peru; Aguas de Manizales, Colombia; BPL Global Latin America, Brazil; BPLC LA Colombia, Colombia; CAM, Colombia; CAS Technologia, Brazil; Cashpower Sudamericana, Argentina; CFE, Mexico; CHEC, Colombia; Cicasa, Mexico; CNDC – Comite Nacional de Despacho de Carga, Bolivia; CNFL, Costa Rica; COCIER, Colombia; Codensa, Colombia; Cognyst Consulting, USA; Comercial Tres, Chile; Coltavira, Colombia; CNE – Comision Nacional de Energia, Chile; CONELEC, Ecuador; Conlog, South Africa; Cooperativa Rural de Electrificacion, Bolivia; Corani, Bolivia; Deltec, Colombia; EAAB – Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Bogota, Colombia; Eccel Corporation, Colombia; EDEEste, Dominican Republic; EDELCA – Empresa Electrica de Antofogasta, Chile; Edenor, Argentina; Edesur, Dominican Republic; Empresas Publicas de Medellin, Colombia; Engua Gen CE, Brazil; Electrica Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba; Electrica Cotopaxi, Colombia; Electrificadora De Santander, Colombia; ELEPCOSA, Colombia; Elster Electricity, USA; EMCALI – Empresas Municipales De Cali, Colombia; EMGESA, Colombia; ENEE, Honduras; Enfora, Brazil; ENRE, Argentina; ESSBIO, Chile; Gecelca, Colombia; Hidroned, Colombia; IBM, Argentina; IEB, Colombia; Itron, Brazil; Johannesburg Water, South Africa; Electricidad de Caracas, Venezuela; Smart Energy International, USA;  Ministerio de Electricidad y Energia Renovable, Ecuador; Ministry of Mines and Energy, Colombia; Motorota, Mexico; Nansen, Brazil; PEI, Guatemala; PREPA; Puerto Rico; Primestone, Colombia; SAPPEL, France; Serpe, Colombia; Silvatech, Ecuador; SIE, Republica Dominicana; TAF Industria de Plasticos, Brazil; UNE, Cuba; Unidades Tecnológicas de Santander, Colombia; V2COM, Brazil

For more information, please contact Emmanuelle Nicholls:, tel. +27 21 700 3500, fax +27 21 700 3501 or visit the website: