Ontario deputy premier heads prominent speaker list at Smart Energy Canada conference in February


The Honorable George Smitherman, Ontario Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, will head up a distinguished list of “smart” speakers at the Smart Energy Canada 2009 Conference taking place in Toronto, ON, on February 24 – 25, 2009.  The Honorable Smitherman will deliver the keynote address on February 24, 2009.  Two esteemed panels of industry experts and leaders will discuss the dynamics and driving factors of the vision and future of the energy and waters sector in Canada and how it affects the utility of the future.  The energy panel will be chaired by Marika Hare, Managing Director of Regulatory Policy Development at the Ontario Energy Board and will consist of the following prominent representatives:

  • David Collie, President and Chief Executive Officer, Burlington Hydro, ON
  • Cara Clairman, Vice President , Sustainable Development, Ontario Power Generation, ON
  • Peter Love, Chief Conservation Officer, Ontario Power Authority, ON
  • Paul Murphy, President and Chief Executive Officer, IESO, ON
  • Eli Turk, Vice President, Canadian Electricity Association, ON

The water leaders’ plenary panel will comprise the following notables from the industry:

  • Ray Fung, Utilities Manager, District of West Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Doug Kaupp, Water Utility Manager, City of Lethbridge, Alberta
  • Marg Martel, Customer Service Manager, Aquatera, Alberta

For more information on the program and registration, please visit
www.smart-energy.com/sec and www.smart-energy.com/cwms