Opening up – the web site becomes more user-friendly



In a bid to facilitate the use of DLMS/COSEM, the General Meeting decided to make the DLMS UA website more user friendly, and to open up most of the information related to the use of the specification. The first result is the new homepage: it now allows direct access to the important sectors of the site.

In the future, English will be the preferred language; the existing base information remains available in various languages, however. The full specification remains available for DLMS UA members. Additional information on products and services, registered items of the specification and all information related to conformance testing has been made public. Access to working documents is reserved to members of the working groups.

On the “Products and Services” pages, the visitor is informed about real products. The “Information” pages provide facts on DLMS/COSEM, including presentations given at conferences. The “Organisation” pages provide information on existing members with useful links, and guide prospective members through the joining process.

The “Documentation” pages deliver a host of information, mainly concerning the “coloured books”, the OBIS codes and Interface Classes. This page also supports the maintenance process. And the new “FAQ – Answers” page provides everyday help for implementers and users, answering questions collected from them. The information is organised in sections: “General questions”, “Questions on the DLMS/COSEM specification”, and “Questions on conformance testing”.

The “Conformance” pages include information concerning the conformance test process. The list of certified products can also be viewed here. The “News” page tells visitors about important modifications the site, and also serves as a practical collection of shortcuts.