OWON Technology launched All-In-One USNAP Modular Energy Gateway (ZigBee, WiFi, Z-Wave, RF, 3G)


If a smart energy gateway interfaces with multiple AMI platforms such as Trilliant, Elster, Sensus, Silver Spring, etc., retrieves the energy data from the Smart Meter, and is in compliance with ZigBee SEP 1.1, it will connect HAN with cloud-based server, and will enable Utilities and consumers to check on household energy consumption and control smart home appliances via internet, and thus contribute to energy efficiency.
The newly launched Smart Energy Gateway – SEG-X7 by OWON Technology is an initiative practice of this idea.

SEG-X7 is an All-in-One energy gateway to connect a Smart Meter’s ZigBee network and data to an IP-based Home Area Network and the cloud-based web server. It is compliable with both USNAP specification 2.0 and CEA2045 and allows user to switch between USNAP 2.0 and CEA-2045 easily.

  • Hardware: There is a universal socket welded on the mother board. The user could choose from two different switch boards (one for USNAP 2.0, the other for CEA-2045) to match the designated USNAP card (either USNAP 2.0 or CEA-2045).
  • Software: Both USNAP 2.0 and CEA-2045 protocols are included in the gateway firmware. The user could simply make a selection by configuring the gateway in the Users Interface software.

With SEG-X7 as a communication center, OWON developed a complete Home Energy Management System – HEMS3000.

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HEMS 3000 is organized by an Energy Gateway, which integrates all HAN devices such as smart Thermostat, In-Home Display, Smart Power Plug, etc. as well as communicates with WAN via WiFi, LAN or 3G. It offers the system with excellent stability and portability. PCT501-G functions as the control centre of HVAC, IHD703 as the remote display control centre.

Devices and Components

  • SEG-X7: All-in-One Smart Energy Gateway
    • Receives data from Smart Meter by deploying ZigBee SEP1.1 profile;
    • Controls thermostats and collects information by deploying ZigBee HA profile;
    • Interfaces with In-home Display (IHD703) via ZigBee;
    • Connects to Cloud-based Web Server via LAN;
    • Accessed by Person Smart Devices via Wi-Fi.
  • PCT501-G: ZigBee-based Programmable Communicating Thermostat to control HVAC and communicate with SEG-X7
  • IHD703: ZigBee-based In-home Display with 7’’ Touchscreen color LCD used to display energy consumption and control thermostat
  • Smart Meter: SEG-X7 will receive data from Smart Meter within various AMI radio systems.
  • Web Server: A cloud-based server that will be communicating with the SEG-X7 and receiving its data
  • Personal Smart Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Tablet
  • Home Automation Extension: Home Automation devices could be added into the system by ZigBee HA profile or Z-Wave standard

Main Features
Smart Meter Interoperability

  • ZigBee Connectivity: In compliance with ZigBee SEP 1.1 (utility ESI 802.15.4).
  • AMI Compatibility: Interfaces with AMI (Advance Metering Infrastructure) platforms such as Trilliant, Elster, Sensus, Silver Spring and etc.; retrieves the energy data (such as TOU, CPP, Instantaneous Power Consumption and etc.) from the Smart Meter.
  • High Resolution Data Acquisition: The Gateway will poll the meter’s Simple Metering – Instantaneous Demand Cluster as fast as possible given a meter type. The Gateway will have an adjustable meter polling rate, configurable by the web server.

Wide-Area-Network Accessibility

  • Ethernet / Wi-Fi / 3G: Extend ZigBee network to versatile networks such as Ethernet / Wi-Fi / 3G, allowing dual-way data sharing with the Wide-Area-Network.
  • Web Portal: Be compatible with commercially available analytics tools and portals accessible through the Web Portal.
  • Remotely Access to Real-Time Energy Data: It allows remotely monitor and manage real-time energy data through an Internet connection. Energy data is automatically retrieved from smart meters and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Home-Area-Network Integration

  • Personal Smart Device: connects to personal Smart Devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android Devices via WiFi-to-Gateway or Web Portal to facilitate the active user’s involvement.
  • ZigBee / Z-Wave / RF: connects Smart Home / Smart Energy Devices such as Smart Thermostat, Smart Power Plug; Smart Appliances; IHD (In-home display), load-control devices and etc.

Energy Information Display, Storage and Exporting

  • Real-time Indication: Use lighting bars to indicate TOU period and instantaneous power consumption level.
  • Deep Memory Storage: The gateway could cache high resolution historical data (one data per second) for up to 1 year, or hour-to-hour energy data up to 10 years.
  • Versatile Data Exporting: All data is stored locally in universal format and could be transferred via LAN, wireless connectivity or USB port.

Advanced Features

  • Modular Design: high extensibility to versatile connectivity standard.
  • 3G: Backup Internet connection allows seamlessly switch while regional Internet is down.
  • Z-Wave / RF: connects Smart Home / Smart Energy Devices such as Smart Thermostat, Smart Power Plug; Smart Appliances; IHD (In-home display), load-control devices and etc.
  • USNAP Slot: allows future hardware expansion including Wi-Fi, cellular radio, Z-Wave, various AMI radio and etc.
  • Application Software / Firmware Upgrade: through Smart Meter Network / Internet / USB port.
    • Energy Gateway configuration UI
    • Energy Gateway application software
    • Embedded File system
    • ZigBee OTA firmware
  • Remote diagnosis and debugging
  • OpenADR: Support Open ADR application for utilities

About OWON
OWON Technology (part of LILLIPUT Group) is a globalized ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) service provider specialized in research and application of electronic and computer-related technologies. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified research institute and manufacturer involved in design, manufacturing, marketing and delivery of electronic products across the world since 1993.
For years, “Sincere, Sharing and Success” has been the core value OWON shares with both of our internal and external partners, to build up sincere co-operation relationships, strive together for win-win success and share the brilliant future.

OWON SmartLife aims at deploying state-of-the-art technologies to propel the efficient use of energy; create a “Greener, Cozier and Smarter” home environment. Based on the proficiency in embedded computer and related “peripheral technologies”, OWON further integrated the cutting edge AMI and HAN technology into its portfolio by allying with main stream AMI and Home Area Network associations. Such technology mix enables OWON to deliver both standardized products and customized solutions for Home Energy Management and Smart Home industry, offering reliable one-stop turnkey ODM services for utilities, contractors, distributors as well as home builders.

Professional ODM Service
Transfer your ideas to a tangible device or system
OWON is highly experienced in designing and customizing Electronic Control Devices specified by the customer’s needs. OWON offers full-line R&D technical services including industrial & system structure design, PCB & hardware design, firmware & software design, as well as system integration.

Cost-Effective Manufacturing Service
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OWON has been engaging in volume production of both standardized and customized electronic products since 1993. Through the years, OWON has accumulated abundant experience and competence in manufacturing, such as Mass Production Management, Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management, etc.


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