Pacific Gas & Electric Company Goes Live with SPL Customer Care & Billing Upgrade and Practical Customer Relationship Management

San Francisco, California, July 31, 2006—Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), one of the nation’s largest combination natural gas and electric utilities, has gone live with an upgrade of SPL Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) software. SPL is a leading provider of strategic utility management software solutions for the global utility market.

PG&E also replaced an existing CRM application with SPL CC&B’s Practical CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which gives utility companies the specific CRM functions they need.

“The success of this project is the result of great teamwork,” said Pat Lawicki, PG&E’s Chief Information Officer. “We chose the Memorial Day weekend to install the upgrade, and by the end of the weekend the system had been upgraded and was ready to support both normal and storm user leads.”

“As with any CIS migration of this type, there were some unplanned events that the business and project teams and SPL successfully worked through,” Lawicki continued. “Employees have been quickly adapting to the new system and the transition to the new application has resulted in no significant disruptions for PG&E’s customers.”

Tom King, President and Chief Executive Officer for PG&E Company, said, “The SPL CC&B application enhances on-screen navigation, improves access to customer information and supports SmartMeter billing. It also automates manual processes and reduces errors. As a result, it will improve our first-contact resolution rate and increase phone access for our customers.”

King added, “These enhancements will allow our customer service representatives to provide customers with improved and more consistent service.”

Quentin Grady, SPL Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Americas, said, “Upgradeability is one of the most important features of SPL’s CC&B solution. We’re committed to providing our customers with a product that continually improves their return on investment. We’re proud of the fact that PG&E has placed a high value on the upgradeability of SPL CC&B.

“Our continued relationship with PG&E is one of SPL’s most important accomplishments,” Grady continued. “It’s gratifying that this industry leader has placed its trust in SPL’s solutions for its mission-critical business processes. We’ll continue to do everything in our power to meet the needs and expectations of PG&E and all of our valued utility partners worldwide.”