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Africa emissions

Virtual AUW highlights: Adopting new behaviours to influence emissions

Africa's first focus should be electrification and the continent's economic growth, not to undermine the urgent efforts undertaken globally, but because the continent isn't the cause of the climate emergency. However, the lowest contributor to harmful emissions is also the most threatened if climate change goals aren't met.
COVID-19 Forecast

Brattle Group updates COVID-19 energy industry impacts forecast

Economists at The Brattle Group have updated the released an assessment on the impacts of COVID-19 on the energy industry until the end of April 2020.
clean energy jobs

US: More than 600,000 clean energy jobs lost to COVID-19 pandemic

A new analysis of US Department of Labor unemployment data indicates that almost 600,000 clean energy industry workers have lost their jobs since the spread of the coronavirus forced an economic shutdown.

Webinar recording: Rapid Scenarios: How leading Utilities are Planning for a...

In this webinar, we explore how leading utilities are using best practices in value-based decision making and Asset Investment Planning and Management to chart a course through these difficult waters. In addition, this session will unpack how rapid scenario planning can help your organisation build resiliency and agility to meet the challenges ahead.
UK coal free

Northern Ireland coal plant to close as UK hits 1 month...

EPH has confirmed that it will close its 565 MW Kilroot coal-powered plant in Northern Ireland.

Approval granted for US’ largest-ever solar site – “8th largest in...

The US Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced have approved the construction of the $1 billion 690MW Gemini Solar Plant, the largest solar facility in US history.
Trump cybersecurity

How industry can respond to Trump’s cybersecurity executive order

On the first of May, US President Trump declared a national emergency related to the cybersecurity of the country's bulk power system. He then gave the Secretary of Energy until 28 September 2020 to essentially come up with a set of rules pertaining to which equipment — from which countries — would be allowed on the bulk power system

Virtual AUW session: Key considerations in smart grid and metering communication

Register to attend this African Utility Week/POWERGEN Africa virtual session in which experts will discuss communication options available for the smart grid.
Utility virtual event

Virtual series: African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa

African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa may have been postponed to November 2020 but due to popular demand for information, expert opinion and connections with your peers and customers, you can now register to attend any of the ten virtual sessions.
water sector africa

Covid-19: Unpacking the African water sector response

A shift in resources allocation towards the health sector to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic is going to starve other sectors like the water, sanitation and hygiene sector of much needed financing

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