Partnership Will Market Solid State Water Meters


Sentec -  New Sterling Sensor

Sentec’s New Sterling Sensor

Sentec, the Cambridge technology developers, and Sensus Metering Systems have extended their successful collaboration beyond the electric metering field to include development of solid state electronic metering solutions for gas and water. In particular, Sensus has acquired the rights to manufacture and sell water meters in specific markets, based on Sentec’s technology.

After first being introduced at the Metering Europe conference and exhibition held in Barcelona, Spain, in September 2005, Sentec’s innovative water measurement technology has generated strong interest from a number of meter manufacturers, with whom discussions are continuing for a number of applications, including heat metering and network metering. Sensus have blazed a trail with this first agreement.

The new Sentec solid state water metering technology is designed to provide a cost-effective platform for data intensive applications or for applications where other value-added features (such as prepayment) are required. The technology also exhibits superior accuracy and is immune to inclusions in the water flow such as sand or air, making it applicable to areas where more traditional measurement methods are inadequate. Sentec develops revolutionary technologies for the utilities sector, licensing them to manufacturing partners worldwide.