Pay-as-you-go meters on trial in the Caribbean


Jonathan Tibbetts,
Stake Bay, Cayman Islands — (METERING.COM — December 4, 2006 – The Cayman Brac Power & Light Company in the Caribbean is trialing pay-as-you-go (prepayment) meters, and customers are so enthusiastic about the system that the utility is not able to keep up with demand.

The meters, supplied by AMPY Metering through Info Energy Inc., an AMPY Metering dealer based in the U.S., allows customers to obtain detailed information on their energy usage through the customer information display unit. The unit can be connected to any power outlet in the customer’s home, and it displays the current tariff, days of credit remaining, daily consumption totals, language information and usage information.

Customers pre-pay for their electricity using a smart card, which is inserted into the unit. The unit communicates with the meter – which is located outside the home – via the existing power cables using PLC technology.

Customers say they have been able to reduce the amount of their electricity bills, and appreciate the opportunity to have more control over their energy consumption. CBP&L intends to extend the pay-as-you-go program to all customers who request it.