Pedigree Technologies: condition monitoring with long-range wireless technology helps industrial companies avoid downtime.


Conservative estimates from US Census data indicate that industry suffered from over 553 Billion dollars in lost productivity due to downtimein 2005. A day of downtime that can be avoided not only saves money, but it also reduces repair costs and the risk of injury accidents. Engineers at Pedigree have combined remote monitoring and predictive maintenance by collecting critical data from in-plant machines and feeding it over the Internet via a secure web interface.

Industry Challenge

Given the stakes, Pedigree customers need to be able monitor plant equipment effortlessly. Telltale signs such as over-heating can indicate upcoming motor problems. Instead of sending people around plants for inspection, customers can increase reaction time and save money by installing automated wireless monitoring systems.
Effective solutions require 2-way communications from end-to-end. Remote machines must be able to send alerts to the monitoring application automatically in case of problems, and supervisors, who can either be on-site or at a remote location, need to be able to query their entire installed base at any time. Also, ambient conditions for wireless networks are far from ideal, with sites already loaded with wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and proprietary protocols, not to mention interference from electrical sources, steel, and concrete.

Solutions put to the test

After testing the wireless technologies most likely to operate under harsh industrial conditions,
Pedigree chose Wavenis® solutions from Coronis Systems. Wavenis offers wireless connections that reach farther than other technologies, while offering ultra-low power consumption and flexible network topology. This makes installing battery-powered wireless devices in hard-to-reach places much more viable than would otherwise be possible. Pedigree solutions integrate the machine monitoring network installed at customer sites and the custom backend software used for monitoring and analysis. Temperature sensors with Wavenis-powered wireless transceivers are installed on the equipment to be monitored. The software delivers data in a hostedenvironment or directly to the customer via the Pedigree gateway.
Until Wavenis, the greatest challenge for industrial networks was covering an entire plant in a costeffectively. Not only do Wavenispowered sensors cost around 10 times less than other solutions, but Pedigree also found that the point-to-point range offered by Wavenis is far greater than other technologies and thus significantly reduces the number of repeaters or “hops” across intermediate nodes needed by the most remote devices to reach the gateway.

Measuring ROI

• Increased speed of obtaining data
• Monitoring mission-critical machines with precise detail leads to less unexpected downtime
• Fewer staff devoted to manual instrument checking
• Lower up-front capital investment
• Fast wireless deployment with plug n-play integrated gateway and scalable end-node solution