Pepco Holdings shares ideas on AMI implementation and the smart grid


Pepco Holdings shares ideas on AMI implementation and the smart grid

Pepco Holdings has had plans to implement an AMI solution as an integral component of its Blueprint for the Future, a proposal for investing in technologies and initiatives that will help their electric utility customers manage their energy more effectively, thus reducing the total cost of energy and protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The initiative will also assist customers by identifying and resolving outages more quickly, improving system reliability, and facilitating programs that help customers save energy.

This “vision of the future” will encompass the exchange of old electromechanical meters to sophisticated digital models. And although this will take several years to complete, the improvement in services and additional programs will be vast. Forming the right partnerships along this journey is paramount to its success. Dale Gant, Pepco’s manager of meter services, will cover some technical aspects of the project, as well as the importance of working with the right team in navigating the road ahead.

Dale Gant serves as Manager of Meter Services at Pepco Holdings, Inc.  Dale is also project sponsor for PHI’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure – responsible for recommending and installing an AMI solution to replace all 2.1 million PHI electric and gas meters.  Dale has a degree in Electrical Engineering, and is certified in Six Sigma and Project Management. Dale has 21 years of experience in the electric utility industry, involving Substation, Relay, Communications, and Metering.

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