Livingston, NJ — Security and Theft Prevention Managers have, on occasion, been unable to use traditional plastic padlock seals when the openings are too narrow for the seal hasps to pass through.  These industry professionals can overcome that problem by using a newly introduced plastic padlock seal whose hasp will work with aperture diameters as small as 1/8”.  Called the Dual Channel Padlock Seal from the E.J. Brooks Company, this new security device features a polyethylene body with two recessed, thin walled channels that aid in providing clear and obvious evidence of tampering.

Should an attempt be made to separate the seal body from its hasp, the hasp’s sharpened, hook-end will penetrate through its thin wall casing and be exposed in the recessed channel.  The Dual Channel Padlock Seal’s body also features smaller hasp entrance-cavities to minimize the opportunity of compromising the seal.

Dual Channel Padlock Seals are heat-stamped with company name or logo, consecutively numbered and are available in a choice of colors.

E.J. Brooks is an international supplier of security seals and locking devices to the transportation, retail, banking and utility industries.  For additional information about Dual Channel Padlock Seals and the company’s other products, contact: E.J. Brooks Company, 8 Microlab Road, Livingston, NJ 07039; Tel: 973-597-2900; Fax: 973-597-2919.  The company’s web site address is and their e-mail address is