Plugs Caps and Ferrules


INNER-TITE replacement Sealing Ferrules are used to replace broken or missing sealing ferrules on locking devices. Plastic sealing ferrules are available in Gold or Gray to match the locking device color and with or without attached weather plug.

  • E-0014A Metal Sealing Ferrule
  • E-0014L Gold Plastic Sealing Ferrule
  • E-0014D Gold Plastic Sealing Ferrule with Weather Plug
  • E-0014LG Gray Plastic Sealing Ferrule
  • E-0014DG Gray Plastic Sealing Ferrule with Weather Plug


Sealing Ferrule

Heavy Duty Steel Sealing Ferrule

The Heavy Duty Steel Sealing Ferrule is available on a number of Locking Devices. Formed as an integral part of the device, it encloses the entire lock head, further restricting access and tampering. The Heavy Duty Steel Sealing Ferrule accomodates all INNER-TITE and competitors’ seals.


Sealing Cap

Sealing Caps

  • E-0117   Red Plastic Sealing Cap
  • E-0127   Gold Plastic Sealing Cap
  • E-0137   Gray Plastic Sealing Cap
  • E-0147   Blue Plastic Sealing Caps

Weather caps

  • E-0018R   Red Plastic Weather Cap
  • E-0018G   Gray Plastic Weather Cap

INNER-TITE Weather Caps are designed to slip over the entire head of the barrel lock preventing contamination by insects, dirt, debris or moisture.

Weather Plug

  • E-0019   Yellow Plastic Sealing Plug

The INNER-TITE Weather Plug is designed to be inserted into the hole of any barrel lock preventing the internal components from exposure to moisture, dirt, grime, and insects.