Portable Instrument Transformer Tester


Portable Instrument Transformer Tester

The PTT 2.1 is an easy and light in weight test instrument for testing instrument transformer using the
existing load of the installation.


  • Burden measurements of current instrument transformer (CT) and voltage instrument transformer(PT) inclusive input of wiring parameters e.g. cable lengths, cable diameter, resistance of fuses and junctions, in case that the measurement is not carried out directly on the CT terminals.
  • Current instrument transformer ratio measurements based on a simultaneous primary and secondary current measurement
  • Data memory for 680 complete data sets
  • Small dimensions and light in weight
  • Serial interface for data transfer (RS 232)


  • On-site ratio test of current instrument transformer
  • On-site burden test of current instrument transformer
  • On-site burden test of voltage instrument transformer


  • CALSOFT I read out software for transfer and presentation of data


MTE Instrument Transfomer Tester
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