Portland General Electric AMI director to speak at Smart Metering West Coast 2008!


Joel Westvold, AMI director with Portland General Electric (PGE), will present a paper reviewing the latest developments in the utility’s smart meter deployment. Apart from discussing certain aspects of the project, this session will illustrate the importance of building a sound strategy, and how this strategy will evolve through cooperation and learning from other projects.

PGE plans to deploy approximately 850,000 smart meters for residential and commercial customers between 2008 and 2010. The majority of the new meters are expected to be installed once initial system testing is completed in late 2008. AMI is also expected to support the future development of demand response and direct load control programs that will help improve energy efficiency and reduce the need for new power plants. Eventually, AMI will enable PGE to provide customers with access to their daily energy use information via the Internet and near real-time data available through a home area network link built into the meter. PGE believes demand response programs could help reduce peak demand and shift customer usage to off-peak periods of the day when power costs less.

Smart Metering West Coast takes place in Seattle, WA from August 18–19, 2008.

Topic highlights for Smart Metering West Coast 2008 will include:

  • Reviewing the policy, regulatory, technology and commercial drivers for smart metering
  • Realizing smart grid and smart meter communication options and strategic integration issues
  • Investigating the strategies, standards and systems behind smart meter data management
  • Assessing smart pricing options, and exploring the role of advanced metering in the evolution to an intelligent grid.

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