POSI-LOCK® Adapters – 35 years of reliable, safe long term connections


Holden, MA – 03-Feb-04 — POSI-LOCK® Adapters designed and manufactured by Inner-Tite are engineered specifically for connecting Polyethylene gas tubing with steel or iron pipe. Available in a wide array of fittings, adapters, meter risers, basement and street tees, POSI-LOCK® Adapters will provide years of dependable, safe, long-term service.
POSI-LOCK® fittings complement the unusual properties of polyethylene gas tubing over long and short-term intervals. Creep rate, long-term strength, mode of fracture, notch sensitivity, property variation with change in temperature, rate of expansion and contraction, hardness and ductility are but few of the properties unique to polyethylene materials. All these characteristics are considered in the design and manufacture of POSI-LOCK® fittings.
New services are quickly installed using POSI-LOCK® adapters and transition fittings for dependable connections from steel or cast iron mains to polyethylene tubing. The versatile POSI-LOCK® fitting design features a unique interchangeability feature that permits it to be used as a straight adapter or a service head adapter. No special tools are required ñ just pipe wrenches. The fail-safe design features and easy to follow instructions eliminate installation guesswork. POSI-LOCK® fittings are shipped complete and ready to install.

Inner-Tite maintains an exceptionally high level of quality control to ensure precise control of fittings and components used with polyethylene gas tubing. Components are dimensionally checked for conformance with dimensions specified with tolerances as little as ± .001 inches. Outside laboratories are often contracted for sophisticated quality control checks. To further ensure the high quality of fittings produced, Inner-Tite conducts versatile long and short-term hydrostatic testing of materials over a wide range of temperatures and pressures. In addition, mechanical pullout, corrosion and ease-of-assembly tests are routinely performed in our laboratory.
POSI-LOCK® fittings are available in a wide array of configurations. Transition fittings are designed to be used as either a straight adapter or a service head adapter and are available in sizes from 1/2" copper tubing size to 1 1/4" copper tubing size. Complimenting the versatile adapter series is a wide array of basement tees, curb cocks, street tees, stab adapters and meter risers designed to reduce installation time on every job.

INNER-TITE Corp. is the world’s largest manufacturer of the highest quality meter locking devices, meter seals, and a host of mechanical accessories sold exclusively to utility companies throughout the world. These and other products are sold to ELECTRIC, GAS, WATER and CABLE TV utility companies domestically and internationally in over 30 countries. INNER-TITE offers the largest array of meter locking devices and accessories used by utilities to combat theft, promote safety and to protect revenues.