Powel AS, Norwegian software solutions provider and Kamstrup have developed a software adaptor that integrates Powel Elin, the company’s meter data management system with Kamstrup’s UtiliDriver, allowing hardware and software to receive a stream of meter data which is sent back to the utility through advanced meter infrastructure. The adapter increases the interoperability between Powel software and Kamstrup meters.

Swedish utility, Trollhättan Energi has agreed to implement the adapter allowing it to integrate their electricity and water meters into the Powel Elin solution.

According to Örjan Gustafson of Trollhättan Energi, ‘With the new combined solution, we are able to operate the total system through one interface … the integrated solution works equally for Kamstrup meters with radio as for PLC meters from other meter makes.’

Mats Ekelund, MD of Powel commented: ‘Through the collaboration, we are making Powel ELIN software and Kamstrup smart metering systems fully compatible. This means that customers can manage their total infrastructure as one integrated system, independent of communication technology.

‘The deal with Trollhättan Energi is an example of a paradigm shift in the utilities and energy industry, where interoperability between systems and flexibility to implement new smart functionality when needed is the new norm.’

Filipe Vasconcelos, System Sales Manager at Kamstrup was reported as saying, ‘To guarantee a future proof solution it is increasingly important for all providers to listen closely to customer needs and provide advanced services combined with flexibility and openness, not only for electricity solutions but also for water and heat.’