Powel ASA and Devinco AS sign agreement to deliver field solutions to grid companies


Trondheim, Norway (12.01.2009): Powel ASA and the Trondheim-based company Devinco AS today announced an agreement for Powel to sell and deliver Devico’s field solutions to grid companies. "Devinco is the partner we’ve been looking for in the area of mobile field solutions. We can now provide additional value to our customers by offering a complete grid maintenance system that also handles the automatic updating of the system from the engineers and others working in the field, "says Bård Olav Uthus, VP of Network Information Systems at Powel.

Powel ASA is the market leader in developing network information systems for maintaining the power grids for Scandinavian and international energy companies. Traditionally, much of the work going on out in the field was recorded manually on paper, and energy companies had to do a lot of duplicative  work in the office, increasing the chance of errors.  In recent years there has been  growing demand from customers for solutions that enable communication from the energy company’s central management system to the engineers and others working in the field. Powel ASA has therefore for a while been looking for a partner that could provide software for mobile field solutions. After reviewing several solutions, both at home and abroad, Powel has chosen the solution made by Devinco. Devinco is a Trondheim-based company developing mobile solutions for use out in the field across different industries. With Devinco as partner Powel can now provide a more complete system for the grid in the Nordic countries.

About Powel
Powel ASA, headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, delivers business-critical software solutions and related services specifically designed to help energy companies and public utilities improve daily operational processes and service quality. The company is a market leader in smart metering, generation, grid maintenance and water management solutions with offices in Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, and North America. Founded in 1996, Powel ASA is a publicly traded company with more than 230 employees. For more information, visit www.powel.com.

About Devinco
Devinco is a Trondheim-based company developing handheld solutions for use in the field across different industries. Distribution and sales is mainly done through the company’s partners, and the company currently has a dealer network that covers the entire country. Since its establishment in 2002, the company has experienced a significant growth both in the number of customers and employees, and the company is currently establishing more new local and international partners. Typical end-customers range from electrical installers, carpenters, plumbers and transport agencies to sales and service personnel.