Power Quality Analysis


With every business dependant upon technology no one can tolerate supply interruptions or equipment failure caused by the negative effects of a poor quality power supply. 

What can be done?

Strategic placement of Power Quality Analysers on the electrical distribution network can determine if a problem exists and can help with prevention by assisting planning in any required changes or expansion. 

It is recommended that Power Quality Analysers are fitted at the main distribution point with individual outgoing supplies monitored by appropriate energy meters, especially in the case of tenant billing applications where OFGEM approval would be required.

How can we help?

Our range of products has been extended to include Power Quality Analysers to address the issues above. 

The EC430 range of Power Quality Analysers offer a wide range of features that will enable the user to quickly and cost-effectively determine the quality of supply.  With a range of communications options including Ethernet and excellent support software for data analysis and real time inspection, the user can simplify the process of monitoring and reporting.