An innovation in the field of industrial metering backed by over a decade of experience in precision metering system. Premier offers a unique approach to the energy metering system and data collection, combining the reliability of CALMUTM technology with cutting edge of information technology, Premier provides you the optimum metering solutions.

The Premier offers:

  • 3 Phase 3 wire, 3 phase 4 wire measurement for industrial and commercial metering.
  • Choice of accuracy: 0.2s, 0.5s and 1.0.
  • True four quadrant metering.
  • 5 main energy registers for import only and 8 main energy registers for true import and export metering.
  • Time of day metering.
  • RS232 or RS485 port (RJ11 connector for easy connection) via optical module.
  • Up to 4 user configurable pulse outputs via optical module.
  • Advance tamper detection algorithms.
  • Compartment wise tamper event logging.
  • Tamper event recording in case of external magnetic influence
  • Phase indicators for healthiness of phase voltages.
  • Scroll lock display for continuous display of desired parameters.
securemeter premier