Accuracy: Premier meters are available in accuracy class 1, 0.5 and 0.2

Flexibility: Premier meters can be programmed with up to 16 tariff rates and up to 8 Maximum Demand registers.

Communications: Premier meters have a PACT port and an ‘1107 hardware compatible’ port, and an additional 25 pin ‘D’ port under the terminal cover.
Communications are supported with various 3rd party hand held reading devices, as well as remotely over PSTN or GSM modem or packet-switched networks. 

Data Storage: Premier meters offer flexible load survey data storage for up to five parameters which can include pulses collected from gas or water metering. Up to 160 parameter days of half-hour data can be stored – greatly exceeding the requirements of current codes of practice. For more specialised applications extra memory can be fitted for multi-channel data storage with integration periods down to 5 minutes.

Diagnostics: Premier meters support interrogation of instantaneous electrical parameters remotely or locally.Such data can be used to diagnose installation faults, and can be of great interest to consumers.

 Premier Range