Prepayment grows in Dominican Republic – 17,000 prepay meters by year-end


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic — (METERING.COM) — August 19, 2013 – The Dominican Corporation of State Electrical Companies (Corporacion Dominicana de Empresas Electricas Estatales, CDEEE) expect to install approximately 13,000 prepay meters in the next few months to bring the total to almost 17,000 by year-end.

The three electricity distributors that comprise CDEEE (Electricidad del Norte – EdeNorte, Electricidad del Sur – EdeSur, Electricidad del Este – EdeEste) currently have about 3,700 prepaid customers. The new customers will be added in the National District and in the South region.

The prepay meter deployment began last year in El Manguito in the National District in EdeSur’s concession area, before being extended to Sagrario Díaz, Esther Rosario and La Yuca. EdeEste has deployments in Villa Juana and Villas Agrícolas, and EdeNorte in the Pontezuela community.

Along with the prepay deployment the companies are also doing rehabilitation of the networks, including installation of new poles and transformers.

In the next stage EdeEste will instal approximately 1,900 prepay meters in the Borojol sector of the National District, and EdeSur will instal over 11,000 prepay meters in the South region. This region includes the community of Juancho, where some prepay meters are already in use and which had recorded losses of 90 percent, and the towns of Pedernales and Oviedo, which have losses varying between 40 percent and 70 percent.