Prepayment Systems (Revenue Collection)


Actaris offers a whole range of prepayment metering options, designed for residential users. These systems generate advance cash flow for utilities, eliminate old and prevent new customer debt, reduce fraud risk and the costs of meter reading and billing. Prepayment metering eliminates the need for utility disconnections because their customers are responsible for the state of the supply connection. They have full control over their accounts while utility revenue is safe-guarded. The systems are designed with customer control and utility cash flow in mind, balancing customer use and electricity payment.

There are two types of revenue collection systems:

  • One-way prepayment involves the consumer purchasing credit and then using the keypad on the meter to enter the 20 digit code. The appropriate credit amount is then added t the meter.
  • Two-way prepayment is more complex.  Credit is purchased on a token, either a smart key or smart card depending on meter type, and when it is entered into the meter, information is transferred to and from the meter. The meter is credited but at the same time data is taken from the meter such as meter readings, error codes etc.  When the token is recharged at the vending station, the stored data is transferred to the Central Management System (CMS).