President Tam Man Chi won the Shenzhen Friendship Commemoration Prize


On Jan. 16, KAIFA President Tam Man Chi who is British specialist and the winner of Friendship Award of P.R of China, was invited by Shenzhen Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs to attend the Spring Reception of Foreign, Hong-Kong, Macao and Taiwan experts. Dr. Liu Ren, President Assistant of Kaifa, accompanied President Tam to attend the reception.

Before reception, Shenzhen Mayor Xu Zongheng and Vice-mayor Liu Yingli sent warm welcome to the 11 winners including President Tam for Friendship Award of P.R of China and Guangdong Provincial Friendship Award. The Shenzhen Government leaders gave great credits to President Tam for devoting himself to introducing and developing key manufacturing technologies in magnetic recording for the past decades. President Tam has led magnetic recording manufacturing to be of industrial scale base in Shenzhen.  Besides, President Tam has made tremendous contribution to promote Shenzhen H-technology industry and help in the social and economical development of Shenzhen. The government leaders wished Kaifa bigger and greater development in the coming years and continue to make further contribution for Shenzhen innovation and progress.

Lastly, Vice-mayor Liu Yingli presented President Tam, one of four foreign specialists, the Shenzhen Friendship Commemoration Prize.