PRI Australasia to supply Smart Meters for the Victoria roll out


As a part of the Victorian Government led initiative to replace mechanical meters and equip all households and businesses with Smart Meters by mid 2013 PRI Australasia Pty Ltd (PRI A) has secured a contract from United Energy Distributors (UED) and Jemena Electricity Networks (JEN) for the supply of smart meters.

The contract awarded for PRI A designed smart meters, with Silver Springs Networks (SSN) network cards, is the first of its kind in the state of Victoria.  Customers in Victoria will be the first to enjoy the benefits of the new meters as they will be empowered to save money by managing their own electricity consumption. This in turn will benefit the environment through a reduced carbon footprint.

PRI Australasia was awarded a two-year contract after a detailed technology evaluation and tendering process. While smart meters are being deployed around the world, the Department of Primary Industry (DPI) in Victoria has specified meters with higher degree of intelligence than currently available.  During the  evaluation process PRI A has successfully demonstrated  DPI compliant smart meters, allowing UED and JEN to confidently push ahead with their roll out programs. PRI A will supply 102,000 meters to UED and 48,000 to JEN in the initial roll out phase

Michael Guy- General Manager, PRIA A commented: PRI Australasia are proud to be working on the SmartNet project with Jemena, and delighted to be a part of a forward thinking energy market that will have a positive impact for consumers the environment and the economy in Victoria.

PRI provides intelligent products, systems and services for energy and utility revenue management world wide. As the intelligent metering specialist, PRI is a market leader in the development, production and supply of smart electronic meters.

The smart metering solutions offered by PRI for residential and commercial markets deliver revenue and energy management through the application of electricity and gas, products; communication technologies, systems and services. For over 20 years, PRI technology has been delivering solutions for revenue protection, energy accounting, conservation and payment systems, engaging customers through smart home displays and controls for a low carbon future.

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