PRI’s new Carbon View – complete energy display


PRI, as an energy management and smart metering specialist, has developed a range of products to improve carbon reduction as part of a commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The flagship product is Carbon View, a new system for carbon monitoring; displaying instant and accurate energy-consumption data.

PRI carbon view

Using smart electric, gas and water meters, Carbon View communicates wirelessly over a computer network to retrieve data from which CO2 emissions are calculated.

The data is displayed as an easy-to-interpret set of dials that move in real-time with actual consumption, showing green, orange and red parameters that are set for a particular building.

Providing accurate information displayed in a visually-appealing way for staff and customers to see and engage – the product’s design can be tailored to brand and corporate message.

The company’s sales director Richard St Clair:

“Implementing smart meters and energy management measures is the first step towards achieving a low carbon building. The next step is to show people using energy what they are consuming – and what it means – in a user-friendly way.

“Improving an organisation’s efficiency in maintenance and energy-wastage reduction and thereby improving cost-savings, becomes visible – and real.

If people have easy access to understandable information and knowledge, they are more likely to do something about it.

“Such measures are eco-efficient and cost effective, providing competitive advantage through demonstrating a real, positive commitment to climate change.”

Carbon View has been successfully installed at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), London, which reported enhanced engagement and awareness from staff and visitors.

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About Carbon View
PRI has found that using Carbon View in a prominent area creates an awareness resulting in action to reduce consumption.
With Governmental pressures encouraging energy display in organisations, Carbon View is a means to benchmark existing output and target carbon reduction:

  • Key tool for organisations striving to be carbon neutral
  • Promoting a low-carbon building, drives energy savings
  • Highly effective for public sector.

The system works with PRI smart meters by taking data via the MODBUS port, feeding into a Carbon Viewer communications unit. Pulses from other utilities are fed into this unit (up to four per unit), and the data is transmitted over a LAN to a fixed IP address – usually a PC acting as a separate server, and is connected to the display monitor. Depicted are:

  • Precise statistics using actual real-time energy consumption across multi-utilities – e.g. gas, water, electricity
  • Total CO2 emissions from energy consumption

About PRI
PRI provides ‘intelligent’ products, systems and services for energy and utility revenue management worldwide.

As the intelligent metering specialist, the company is market leader in the development, production and supply of intelligent electronic meters and software.

Providing utility companies, industry and commerce with electricity meters and related products/services for energy monitoring and management, PRI was the first company to use microprocessors for accurate measurement of fundamental electrical parameters – leading to the unique CALMU™ technology.

This technology has been honed to meet changing market demands and offers a range of accurate, cost-efficient equipment tailored to customer requirements.

The company’s electricity meters are fully approved by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) for use in billing and Code of Practice applications.

PRI’s newest range of in-home devices offers consumers greater energy efficiency, sustainability and cost reduction. The company is based in Winchester, Hampshire.

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