PRI’s new desktop real-time carbon display


New from PRI is its energy management product called Scroller for XP.

Using the company’s specialism in smart metering and software, it makes carbon reduction for businesses and organisations an easier target – there’s no other comparative concept in energy monitoring in the marketplace.

PRI carbon display

The device is a simple, cost-effective way to gain a visual electricity display, providing instant, real-time data for carbon emissions (kg), electricity consumption (kWs) and costs (other parameters also available).

Showing real-time data – accurate to the flick of a light switch – Scroller enables staff to see what energy they use and its cost – a sound basis for making appropriate reductions.

The data is displayed on a small bar that scrolls across the top of a computer screen. Ideal for use by office staff, manufacturing plant areas, reception screens or web/intranet, this visual display disappears when a mouse-curser moves over it, avoiding interference with desktop folders and documents.

The ‘look’ can be tailored to suit an organisation’s own messaging and corporate brand needs.

PRI sales director Richard St Clair:

“With Government proposing increased targets and more pressures now on enterprises to save on energy costs, Scroller offers a practical scheme for single or multiple-site establishments to target energy use.

“Businesses and organisations need to play their part in reducing carbon and creating an ethos of corporate social responsibility (CSR). It’s more effective when it runs throughout an organisation, and that message is carried home.

For anyone wanting to save on energy costs and raise staff awareness in reducing carbon output, Scroller offers a simple – ‘smart’ solution.”

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About Scroller
Scroller instant display software for XP has been designed by Ian Anthony, PRI’s head Systems and Technology Specialist.

He comments: “Scroller’s aim is to enable organisations to do something positive about energy management, via a simple installation and justifiable costs.                 

It was designed specifically to raise staff awareness as a key tool in creating an energy-conscious work-force. Particularly appropriate in this climate of pressure for carbon reduction.”

Scroller operates on any PC that runs from a server. Using Windows 98, 2000 or XP, it operates with an instantaneous display of kW parameter from any PRI meter and simultaneous display of up to three channels of data.

With configurable displays calculated upon the agreed Government factors, it is possible to input a variety of other factors, such as green energy feed and grid feed.

Scroller is networked using PACTLAN and is compatible with many other communication devices. The display itself is changeable in its colours, fonts and logo. It can be used alongside a PRI monitoring package for further analysis and with individual meters for real time monitoring across industrial sites.

In doing this, staff are empowered into actively managing and saving on carbon emissions, thus playing a part in corporate social responsibility.

About PRI
PRI provides ‘intelligent’ products, systems and services for energy and utility revenue management worldwide.

As the intelligent metering specialist, the company is market leader in the development, production and supply of intelligent electronic meters and software.

Providing utility companies, industry and commerce with electricity meters and related products/services for energy monitoring and management, PRI was the first company to use microprocessors for accurate measurement of fundamental electrical parameters – leading to the unique CALMU™ technology.

This technology has been honed to meet changing market demands and offers a range of accurate, cost-efficient equipment tailored to customer requirements.

The company’s electricity meters are fully approved by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) for use in billing and Code of Practice applications.

PRI’s newest range of in-home devices offers consumers greater energy efficiency, sustainability and cost reduction. The company is based in Winchester, Hampshire.