PricingExpert is a highly configurable solution used to calculate, analyze and manage price quotes and offers for current and prospective customers in retail or wholesale utilities or service markets. Price any type of product, of any level of complexity, with PricingExpert. Take it quickly from concept through configuration, testing and deployment to your sales force.


  • Reduces offer turn-around time from days to minutes.
  • Obtain consistency and accuracy throughout offer generation cycle and maintain centralized control of critical customer data.
  • Incorporates complex data from all major corporate operations and business partners.
  • Promotes efficient operations by focusing each functional team on specific inputs and outputs.
  • Quickly and easily tests various pricing and product structures.
  • Assesses profitability and pricing strategies for specific customers or entire market segments.
  • Reduces selling costs by embedding offer rules and expertise in the solution.
  • Optimizes offers to minimize customer price or maximize margins.
  • Automates calculating contract renewal offers.