An innovation in the field of LT CT metering (consumer tariff and distribution transformer metering) application backed by over a decade of experience in precision metering system. LT CT metering system has been vulnerable due to easy access to customer and multiple accessories required for installation. Prodigy provides a unique solution of thread through connection for LT CT metering system eliminating the need of external CTs, meter box and other accessories with a vital advantage of overall system accuracy. Thread through ‘Prodigy’ improves revenue protection and provide advance communication.

The Prodigy offers:

  • 3 phase 4 wire measurement for LT CT consumer tariff and distribution transformer metering.
  • Thread through technology, specifically designed for LT CT metering application.
  • Overall product accuracy: Class 1.0.
  • Low Power Radio (LPR) communication support.
  • Single metering unit with current range of 40-200 A.
  • Special anomaly recording features for DTM application viz. high/low voltage, over load and under load conditions etc.
  • Snap fit arrangement for meter cover and base.
  • Special arrangement for Multiple cable connection.
  • Tamper event recording in case of external magnetic influence.
  • IP-54 degree of protection.
  • Innovative design eliminating need of terminal block and connecting terminals
securemeter prodigy