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Saft manufactures three different battery chemistries of non rechargeable primary technologies:

  • Lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) in LS/LSG/LSH/LST 3.6 V cells
  • Lithium-sulfur dioxide (Li-SO2) in G/LO 3.0 V cells
  • Lithium-manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) in LM 3.0 V cells

This unique situation allows Saft to offer metering OEMs tailored energy density, high and stable operating voltage, flexible current capacity, long shelf-life and resistance to extreme temperatures with exceptional standards of reliability and safety.

Saft’s primary lithium cells are manufactured in four sites:

  • Poitiers (F) for Li-SOCl2 batteries of the LS and LSH ranges
  • Zhuhai (China) for LSG batteries
  • South Shields (UK) for Li-SOCl2, Li-SO2 technologies of the LST and LO ranges
  • Valdese (USA) for Li-SO2 and Li-MnO2 technologies of the G and LM ranges

More details :

Saft’s primary lithium chemistries: specific qualities

Saft 5

Li-SOCl2 : LS, LSG, LSH,
LST cell series

  • Bobbin, coil or spiral construction
  • Operating voltage > 3 V
  • Ability to operate from -60 to +85°C
  • Non-flammable electrolyte
  • Cells non-pressurized at room temperature
  • Hermeticity guaranteed up to +110°C
  • Unrivaled nominal capacities

Saft 2

Li-SO2 : G, LO cell series

  • Spiral construction
  • Non-flammable electrolyte
  • Superior pulse capability
  • Excellent capacity above 1 A
  • Superior power at -40°C
  • Hermeticity guaranteed up to +110°C




Saft 4


Li-MnO2 : LM cell series

  • Spiral and button construction
  • Non-corrosive electrolyte
  • Cells non-pressurized at room temperature
  • Spiral cells with good pulse capability
  • Minimal voltage delay
  • Competitive capacity at high current and low temperature