PCN develops mission critical powerline communication components for meters and T&D infrastructure for complete grid data networking and energy management services.

PCN Technology, Inc. is a communications and networking company that uses the physical medium of energy grids to provide mission critical data transmission within “Non-IT based networks" in Energy and Industrial markets among other.

PCN’s embedded Grid MicroCircuits™ are module subsystems that allow communication, control, networking, and energy services & solutions to OEM’s, Utilities, Suppliers and End Users.

Grid MicroCircuits™ take multiple form factors utilizing PCN’s base iPLC™ technology allowing deployment across the overall grid enterprise for integration into existing and future infrastructure with point to point, point to multi-point or overall mesh network topologies.

PCN’s embedded solutions are scalable, interoperable, & open architecture allowing seamless communication and networking of existing and new meters, sensors, and other critical devices tied to the energy grid.

PCN’s advanced convergence technology allows “on-the-fly” convergence of standards based protocols allowing immediate hybrid networks creating opportunities for the grid to recognize efficiencies and inefficiencies and determine the best overall intelligent management of assets and processes.

PCN provides for the addressing, switching and routing of data for the complete & seamless build out of a smart grid system.  PCN products do not need actual power on the grid and operate through transformers.  PCN is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with offices in the Midwest and Southeast.