Based in the Czech Republic, ModemTec develops and produces communication equipment for utilization on existing low-voltage power lines (PLC – Power Line Carrier). ModemTec specializes on narrowband PLC products which provides reliable, long-distance data transmission.
ModemTec developed PLC devices and modems that are able to transmit data through the existing low-voltage power lines, while no further investments into construction of communication channels (i.e. purchase and laying of cables, or radio and wireless devices, which are not even able to ensure reliable communication in environment with industrial interferences) are necessary. Our modules can be used i.e. in these areas:

  • remote reading of meters (water meters, gas meters, heat meters, e-meters)
  • remote reading of electric and non-electric values (temperature, humidity), data processing and management
  • data transfer in industrial environment (transfer of Modbus and further protocols)
  • remote transfer of I/O status
  • industrial diagnostics

ModemTec was founded by a team of experienced experts that has been focused on the development of PLC transmissions since 1992. The development of the ModemTec’s products is based on both long-term experience and the knowledge of power network transmission features, as well as on the usage of the latest tools and technologies for both research and development of communication devices. A new generation of modems has been based on the programmable logic array technology with following characteristics:

  • high integration level
  • high calculation efficiency
  • low consumption
  • fast application development

This technology makes the development-production cycle cheaper, faster and more efficient, and enables ModemTec to compete on the fast developing market with communication devices. The “gate array” optional computational capacity enables integration of application into the communication module with no changes in price.