Electric utilities are playing a vital role in global initiatives on energy conservation and environmental preservation. Smart metering is increasingly becoming a critical building block of the utility of the future, because it will simultaneously improve consumption measurement and enhance the utilities’ ability to implement smart grid functionality.

Since the very beginning, Powel has been leading the industry by solving the unique challenges faced by those charged with implementing, controlling, and monitoring utility smart metering infrastructure. Vattenfall, Telenor/E.ON Sweden, Telenor/Fortum and service providers like Metor are among our customers that rely on Powel’s meter data collection and management solutions to run their metering systems.

The latest generation of energy meters offers both customers and energy companies major benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability and cost savings. Smart energy meters are continually adding and improving functionalities like real-time information on energy consumption, fraud detection, switching – and much more. Data collection for smart meters is handled in different ways by different countries, and the way in which the market participants communicate also varies. To help utilities manage these challenges while maximizing the benefits and retaining flexibility, Powel smart metering solutions offer a scalable, vendor-independent software platform for multiple meter and communication types and mass data processing. Our solutions include all the capabilities utilities, metering companies, and other meter operators need to deploy pilots and small to large-scale smart metering programs.

About Powel
Powel is responsible for controlling and reading more than one million smart energy meters throughout Scandinavia and has a long history of helping customers solve challenges unique to the energy sector.

Powel ASA, headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, delivers business-critical software solutions and related services specifically designed to help energy companies and public utilities improve daily operational processes and service quality. The company is a market leader in smart metering, generation, grid maintenance and water management solutions with offices in Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, and North America. Founded in 1996, Powel ASA is a publicly traded company with more than 230 employees.