ADD GRUP was created in 1992 by Alexey Lazarev.  The core of the company, at that time, comprised technicians with a rich background in military electronics. In 1998 the company started developing ADDAX IMS, an AMR system based on PLC communications. In few years the first large project, installed in the distribution networks of several cities in Ukraine proved the efficiency and the cost effectiveness of the system.

All the projects implemented since then, allowed us to improve and to approach the characteristics of the product as close as possible to the requirements of different customers and standards all over the world.

Today ADD GRUP is a group of dynamically developing companies specialized in the development, manufacturing and implementation of ADDAX IMS – AMI solutions for energy and resources consumption (electricity, gas, water, heat and street lighting).

The total amount of installed metering points comes to around 800 000 pcs. within projects located in: Sweden, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Austria, Indonesia, India, New Zeeland.

We offer complex solutions which include all the components, necessary to build modern system of remote metering and consumption management.

We offer simple solutions. In order to assemble the system, it is necessary simply to select and put together our modules (hardware and software). All the devices will be automatically discovered.

We offer universality and openness that allows integrating the management of different resources as well as meters manufactured by other suppliers into one system.

ADDAX technology
At present we are sharing our experience and know-how with our partners.

We have developed a complex of techniques – ADDAX Technology which offers to our partners the possibility to manufacture our product in their facilities. Such factories are working now in Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Brazil, Turkey and New Zeeland.

Communication solutions

We offer advanced and complete communication solutions for remote data collection and energy management systems. The concepts of ADDAX.Net (distribution network data transmission systems) deployment, developed by our engineers, are unique on the metering systems market.