The Saft Group is the world leader in batteries for meters and AMRs. Growing at a rate of 15 to 25 percent per annum, the AMR industry has been embraced because of the significant savings in time and money the technology offers the utility company. It enables the employee to upload meter readings remotely, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual meter reading. Saft’s compact, batteries are installed on the meter to power electronics and the radio gathers and remotely transmits the information.

Automatic Meter Reading applications require batteries that can perform reliably for long periods of time with little maintenance. Saft cells are maintenance-free and guaranteed for at least ten years; however, many operate for years beyond the warranty. Utility companies employ AMR because it can be installed in the field and managed remotely; therefore it is critical for the batteries to perform dependably with no maintenance.

Additionally, Saft’s Li-SOCl2 batteries feature corrosion-proof containers and operating temperatures ranging from -60°C to +85°C, making them ideal for installation in a wide range of field conditions.

Saft has used field and laboratory data collected over more than 30 years to develop a unique life time model that enables the expected life of primary cells in this demanding application to be predicted accurately by considering the specific utilization profile. Data used by this model includes base current, pulse currents, cut-off voltage and temperature range. Calculated results are combined with results from bench tests, which sometime require years to conduct, to produce the most accurate life prediction.