Promising future for Maine power system


The governor of Maine, Paul LePage met with chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galan, Central Maine Power Company’s (CMP) corporate parent to discuss the progress of CMP Maine Power Reliability Program. Maine is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States.

Also in attendance was chief corporate officer of Iberdrola USA, Bob Kump and president and CEO of CMP, Sara Burns.  The Maine Power Reliability Program is a $1.4 billion investment in the state’s bulk power grid.

Improved service and reliability

The Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP) is now 5 years in construction, and has already bore fruit for CMP and its customers. The deployment of 600 000 smart meters and investment in 11 000-square-mile wireless mesh network has allowed CMP to provide a better, faster service, including energy saving technologies and convenience for customers.

President and CEO of CMP, Sara Burns said: ‘Iberdrola’s support for our company is making a difference for our customers, the State of Maine, and all of New England.

‘Our advanced meter infrastructure also continues to create new opportunities for better, more efficient operations along with convenience and savings for our customers. We truly are delivering a stronger, smart grid with these investments.’

The MPRP is set to reinforce CMP’s 40-year-old power system. To this end the project includes the construction of four 345kV substations, one 115Kv substation and accompanying facilities linked by 440 miles of new transmission lines.

Partnership between CMP and Emera Maine

Also discussed during the meeting were steps toward project development with Emera Maine, the state’s second largest electric utility – toward diversifying the region’s energy portfolio, gaining access to renewable energy resources.

CMP and Emera are looking at projects to improve links between southern New England and northern Maine. More than 2 100 MW of wind power development has already been tabled.

Chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galan said: ‘CMP’s Maine Power Reliability Program is among our largest, most important project in the US in recent years. We are pleased with the progress, and we look forward to additional investments to enhance service for our customers and support the development of clean, renewable energy resources for Maine and the rest of New England.’