Public Utilities Meter Reading Guide – An Introductory Course


The accuracy of meter reading cannot be overemphasized. Not only from a revenue loss perspective, but also the reputation of the utilities competency overall in a community. In many cases the only contact a customer has with a utility representative is a meter reader therefore appearance, neatness and accuracy is of the utmost importance.

This handbook is intended to provide a training guide for meter readers and billing personnel with digital photos of real-life situations and will demonstrate the importance of accurate meter reading.  

It should be utilised by managers, meter readers, billing clerks, meter coordinators and any personnel responsible for the correct billing of utility customers.

This handbook will include examples of real errors that were caused by the misreading of meters with the actual dollar figures of mistakes made and includes useful information on reviewing accounts on automatic meter reading, and useful tips about AMR inspection programmes.

US$149.99 excluding shipping

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