R&D Competitive Advantages


Full Service Spectrum

OWON will assist you to achieve your financial and business goal by

  • converting your abstract ideas into specific requirements;
  • transforming the requirements into tangible prototypes;
  • transferring the prototypes to mass-production products;
  • commercializing the products with customized Visual Identity and packaging design;
  • supporting you with world-wide logistics and distribution resources and after-sales services.

Solid & Complete Technology Platforms

Technology-oriented has been OWON’s corporate strategy from the outset. The Company has a variety of “ready-to-go” technology mixes to satisfy customers’ demand in various industries and applications. It can accomplish and deliver to most customers’ requirements by modifying baseline platforms.

Competitive Design & Manufacturing Cost

OWON owns an R&D team as well as two manufacturing bases in China, which offers our customers with extremely competitive cost to suite their budget for both design service and manufacturing service. Moreover, our “Customization Fee Rebate Scheme” offers the customers full or partial rebate based on predefined volume quota so as to maximize their business value.

Expedited R&D Lead Time

OWON’s R&D team works for 6 days a week, which means we will theoretically speed up the project by 20%, to assure completing the project in the timeliest manner.

Flexible Order Volume Acceptable

Adhering to its policy of growing with customers, the Company accepts projects and orders in flexible scales. We believe something starts from small could end up with scale.

Unique and Outstanding Talent

The Company has many project managers backed up with overseas education and work experiences capable of communicating with foreign customers seamlessly. Humanity-based management and corporate culture effectively ensure the stability of R&D personnel and sustainable development.

Abundant External Resources

Equipped with years of industry experience, OWON collaborates with various technical parties such as companies, institutes, universities and industry organization to deliver a complete solution in satisfying the customers demand.