RateExpert helps today’s energy providers quickly respond to rate and price changes that affect the fair allocation of resources and competitive pricing to retain customers and earnings stability. Energy companies now have a completely automated system that integrates business functions and improves accuracy, timeliness, and competitive response of rate pricing, design and analysis. Accessing rates, load, and customer demographic data is quick and easy with RateExpert. Data can be analyzed, graphed, and reported using industry-standard rate analysis techniques.


  • Compare the impact of alternative rate designs and pricing proposals.
  • Accept new rate components without reprogramming and compiling.
  • Maintain an audit trail of experimentation with proposed rates and prices.
  • Track customers that migrate from one rate to another.
  • Reduce manual effort by integrating all rate analysis functions into one product.
  • Shorten turnaround time by storing all required data in one place and making it available to multiple users.
  • Create flexible products, including fixed price, index price, collars, time-of-use, swing and spark spreads.
  • Exchange data instantly between risk management, forecasting and trading desk groups.