Real-time unified customer engagement for utilities


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September 5, 2013; 5 PM CET/ 11 AM EDT/ 9AM PDT

In the past, utilities primarily communicated with customers through their bill. Today, there are new requirements to interact with customers in real-time. The smart grid enables new products and services, e.g. pre-paid services that require real-time information. Deregulation demands quick responses to market requirements or competitive programs. Political and customer pressure dictates to keep customers informed in a timely manner about planned and unplanned events, e.g. outages and restoration, or customer related threads like bill scams. Increased focus on energy efficiency campaigns and demand response programs requires personalized customer engagement across multiple channels. Managing traditional and new channels like mobile and social in a consistent manner presents a growing challenge.

But how can utilities empower their business to engage customers in real-time?

We will discuss best-practices and solutions to engage customers like-never before with SAP and OpenText – personalized, multi-channel, and real-time.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The business value of managing relevant and timely customer interactions
  • Best practices to ensure consistency of customer messages across your business
  • The importance of customer information quality
  • The growing role of content in delivering personalized customer experiences
  • New solutions for SAP CRM to engage customers like never before with enhanced digital asset management, customer account and communication management, and real-time notifications

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