Reduction of water losses from the study of consumption patterns


The measurement and management of the water loss index tends to be a problem in most water distribution companies. Therefore, these companies currently are demanding the implementation of specialised systems for the determination of this parameter, based on real time telemetry platforms, to enable on going monitoring and decision making across the water distribution network.

It is necessary to know accurately at each moment in time the final destination of all the water that is injected into the water distribution network. However, to actually obtain such data is extremely difficult, and it is assumed that a portion of the water is ‘lost’ on its way to the consumer.

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BM Systems has developed a new technology-based methodology to find solutions to this problem. The objective of the proposed methodology is to obtain a reduction in the water losses, by means of an approach that uses measurements made at the distribution and supply points on the water distribution network.For the capture of the data, BMModule® equipment is used, serving as the datalogger for local measurements at the points of provision, and as the metering device for the remote measurements, via telemetry at the inlet points of the hydraulic networks.

These data are collected at sampling times programmed by the network operator, and are transmitted via GPRS, CDMA, RF or Wimax. The data are then analysed by means of management software, which gives a geographic reference (GIS) to the telemetry points within the distribution networks, and generates reports and alarms in real time that can be viewed via the Internet or through mobile devices connected to the system by GPRS.

The project is developed in two phases:

  • Macromeasurement level – for measurements from the exit of the treatment plant to the inlet valves of each hydraulic sector.
  • Micromeasurement level – for measurements from the inlet valves of the hydraulic sectors to the provision points to the customers.

Finally after the collection of the local and remote measurements, and their analysis, a management report is generated that:

  • Reviews the consumption patterns of customers, taking into account the socioeconomic and technical characteristics.
  • Analyses the lifetime performance of the meters from a technical perspective (manufacturer, diameter, principle of measurement, method of installation, etc.)
  • Analyses by zones and socioeconomic categories the critical points where a high water loss index is detrmined.

This information provides the basis for the management and administrative decision making to reduce the levels of water losses.