Renewables challenges for a TSO

Oscar Tessensohn

Interview with Oscar Tessensohn, Teamleader Markets, Customer & Markets Division, TenneT TSO BV, The Netherlands

“In the Netherlands we are facing a target of 17% renewable energy share in 2020. To meet this target, around 50% of our electricity should be from renewable energy sources (RES) in 2020. At this moment we have around 10%, so the challenge is already there to feed in five times more electricity from RES as today, while maintaining a secure system.

“In our view, there always needs to be sufficient generation capacity to meet demand for electricity. Obviously with a high level of infeed of RES, this is a concern when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow. Solutions can be found by increasing the flexibility of demand for electricity and by storage capacity. However, a sound level of dispatchable capacity will be needed. In addition, the system needs a strong grid infrastructure and sufficient ancillary services to assure uninterrupted balancing and safe voltage levels in the power system.

“We believe that market parties have an important role in leveraging sufficient flexibility in a cost effective manner. All parties and all technologies, including RES, should be invited to input their flexibility into the system. Developing a sustainable market model that gives incentives to attract the right investments and suitable pricing mechanisms for flexibility are inevitable in order to have prices for products and services that reflect a fair value.

“In our opinion, all this is not only a challenge for the industry. There is also a need for harmonization at the European level – harmonization of regulatory frameworks for infrastructure investment and coordinated infrastructure planning, of RES support schemes, of market integration mechanisms, including balancing markets, and of implementation of network codes.”

Oscar Tessensohn is a speaker in the renewable energy integration and energy storage track and will present his view in the session on “Key stakeholders’ view on renewable energy integration & energy storage” at European Utility Week 2013.

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